The Broken Button that Stops You at 25%

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Before I could take over the top of the charts, the detour machine button broke and from that point on, I could only get to around 800,000. So this one button was responsible for taking away 75% of my ability to score.

This got me to thinking, is there a broken button in my life that’s keeping me stuck with only 25% of the results I wanted. 

I have done this in my life before. I have focused only on grinding in business, but neglecting everything else – my family, my kids, everything!

Even though I am around my family all the time now from covid, I took for granted the proximity to my family and started focusing only on business goals. And I have spent the last several months only focused on business and although I was working harder than ever, my performance was only around 25% of what I really wanted – much like the pinball machine.

So, lately I have been very intentional with planning fun adventures with my kids and really focusing on getting back into balance and nurturing my relationships that are so important to me.

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When I am more balanced in my approach to work, it seems like I can have success without having to work nearly as hard as I did with the broken button. 

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