Explainable AI: The Secret to Predicting Pipeline Yield with SkyGeni’s CEO Sankar Sundaresan

Ryan Staley sits down with Sankar Sundaresan, CEO and founder of SkyGeni, an AI-native company revolutionizing pipeline management for tech companies. Sankar shares invaluable insights on common mistakes CROs make, the importance of explainable AI in predicting pipeline yield, and how to align demand generation efforts with recent market traction. Don’t miss this information-packed episode that could transform your approach to revenue growth!

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  • SkyGeni is a growth acceleration platform helping revenue teams drive efficient and predictable growth by reverse-engineering pipeline needs and providing a GPS-like system for planning and course correction.
  • The biggest mistake CROs make is relying on rules of thumb for pipeline requirements without considering past execution data and the importance of having enough capacity to create and convert pipelines within the quarter.
  • Explainable AI mimics the judgement process of experienced CROs, capturing their expertise in ML models trained against past performance data to provide accurate pipeline yield predictions.
  • Aligning demand generation efforts with recent positive market traction in specific vertical segments, products, and geographies can significantly improve win rates and revenue growth.
  • Continuously tweaking the pipeline generation machine based on recent win-loss data is crucial for capitalizing on tailwinds and addressing competitive challenges.
  • A two-step approach to pipeline generation by identifying the most promising segment/vertical/geo/product combinations and then determining the best channels for those combinations leads to more efficient and targeted efforts.
  • AI is best applied to high-level, critical questions like predicting pipeline yield and identifying opportunities at risk of slipping based on conversational intelligence data.
  • SkyGeni focuses on giving CROs the tools to develop high-confidence, long-term pipeline plans that set them up for success, rather than just chasing current quarter deals.


“The single biggest mistake is just relying on rules of thumb. Like I need three X pipeline. I need four X pipeline because you’ll be amazed at, you know, how many jobs we’ve seen dropping to the ground when we actually show them.”

“I think there’s a huge opportunity to align where we’re building pipeline with where sales teams are actually able to win as evidenced, not by people doing research on 6sense and things like that.”

“Instead of making it a one-step answer, it’s really a two-step answer. You solve for it one step at a time, and therefore you get to a better, more efficient way of generating the right kind of pipe, using the right channels for exactly the type of pipe you need to generate.”

“If all you’re doing is just chasing current quarter deals, I think you’re just setting yourself up for failure, right?”

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