Why AI Adaptability is the Key to Survival | Part 2 with Jeff Mills of iMerit Technology

Ryan continues his conversation with AI expert Jeff Mills from iMerit. They explore the future of work, the impact of AI on various industries, and how individuals can adapt to thrive in an AI-driven world. Mills shares invaluable insights on job automation, the importance of adaptability, and the exciting opportunities that AI presents.

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  • AI will automate back office tasks, but it’s a tool that enhances human productivity rather than completely replacing workers.
  • Adaptability is crucial in the AI era, as people will need to switch industries and professions more frequently.
  • AI skills, both technical and non-technical, are becoming essential for nearly all jobs across industries.
  • The job market will evolve, with new industries and opportunities emerging as AI technology advances.
  • AI is not just a vertical or niche; it will be embedded in everything we do, from social media to household appliances.
  • Model stacking and multimodal AI are creating exciting new applications and opportunities in various fields.
  • AI tools are empowering individuals to perform tasks that were previously limited to specialized professionals or agencies.
  • Understanding and embracing AI is crucial for future success, as it will be integrated into all aspects of work and daily life.


“Darwin taught us that it’s really not the strongest that’s going to win. And it’s not the smartest that’s going to win. It’s the most adaptable that’s going to win.”

“AI is going to be a lot like Excel. You’re going to have people who actually are the coders, they’re, they’re, they’re actually in there building the software, building the program, right?”

“There’s gonna be issues. Yeah. I mean, there’s gonna be problems, but at the same time, like. Don’t be super scared of it (AI) either.”

“I’ve effectively hired, I don’t know, 10 employees for 30 a month now because they all have skills that I didn’t have.”

“There’s no job that’s going to exist that doesn’t, have AI in it soon.”

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