Mark Roberge Part 2 | AI Native vs. Adapted Companies: Winning Strategies for the Future of Business

Join Ryan for part two with Mark Roberge, the original CRO at HubSpot who took the company from zero to $100 million. Roberge shares his unique insights on native AI companies versus adapted companies, offering a fresh perspective on how to effectively use AI in go-to-market strategies. 

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  • The science of scaling framework helps boards and founders determine when to scale revenue and at what pace, focusing on product-market fit and go-to-market fit.
  • AI may significantly reduce development cycles and sales cycles, potentially leading to billion-dollar companies run by fewer than 10 people.
  • AI could enable the creation of highly customized micro-products for niche markets, allowing for a multitude of smaller, specialized companies.
  • Integrating AI into employees’ workflows is crucial for staying ahead of the curve and capitalizing on the AI revolution.
  • Embracing AI tools can save employees significant time, enabling them to explore new opportunities and innovations.
  • The top 5% of individuals who actively learn and implement AI technologies will have a substantial advantage in the current business landscape.
  • Identifying real AI challengers involves assessing incumbents’ access to data and considering how workflows may change in a mature AI world.
  • AI native companies with access to unique data sets, like AI sales coaches, have an advantage over incumbents in certain categories.


“When you think ahead to like a mature AI world when does, when you think about that, does the workflow change so much? That the underlying architecture of the incumbent is no longer relevant.”

“We’re in a hype cycle. We’re about to get the first taste of companies that had no product and revenue that raised over 100 million that are going to go out of business because there’s no traction.”

“It’s such an opportunity right now because the average person just gets like status quo. And the more you can push, push, push, push. That’s what we’re doing a lot with our portfolio.”

“Everyone’s so excited. Cause we haven’t felt this in like 20 years.”

“The more we get the message out, the more people we could help, the bigger, the impact we make and the bigger the community gets, which helps everybody.”

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