How to Turn Chaos Into Scale with 4x Executive Stephanie Valenti Part 2

🎙 Exciting news! I recently had the pleasure of having Stephanie Valenti on the Scale Up Show for part 2 of our conversation. We dove deep into the topic of retaining perceived value in a fast-moving market, especially with the rapid advancement of AI and technology. If you’re looking for insights on how to navigate this challenge, this episode is a must-listen.

🔍 In the episode, we discussed strategies for retaining perceived value in a fast-moving market, drawing from my experience in various leadership positions across B2C, B2B, and enterprise environments. We also explored the impact of AI on client relationships and continuous value creation.

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  • Embrace constant creativity and think outside the box to bring value based on your organization’s strengths
  • Understand the initial impact that made clients choose your business and continue to focus on that throughout the relationship
  • Leverage AI to supplement human experiences and provide consistent value to clients
  • Stay informed about competitors, AI advancements, and work closely with product teams to deliver value rapidly
  • Prioritize human elements like co-selling, sponsorships, and events that AI cannot replicate
  • Be proactive in client communication at the executive level to gather feedback and address any lack of value
  • Segment business and assign executive ownership for constant communication and proactive feedback gathering
  • Consolidate client feedback, identify trends, and take action to maintain and enhance value


“It’s constant creativity on a leader’s part, how are you thinking outside the box to make sure that you’re bringing value based on what your organization can provide.”

“You’ve got to think about what is the human element that can supplement an AI experience.”

“It’s the human element. It’s the co-selling. It’s the sponsorships. It’s the events. And it’s no surprise why those are at the top. It’s because it’s human and that can’t be replaced, at least yet.” –

“You generally don’t know if you’ve lost perceived value until it’s gone if you’re not proactive

“Proactivity is key. After that, if you start to lose, then you’re just playing catch up and that can be a really dangerous game.”

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