From Insight to Oversight 3 Common AI Blunders Derailing Executive Careers


Ryan shares his insightful experience working with over 220 executives and uncovers his top three problems with AI adoption in business today. Discover how you can excel past everyone else as Ryan provides valuable insights to help you embrace and develop AI use in your business.



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  • Most executives want their teams to use AI tools but aren’t taking the time to understand them personally, hindering effective adoption and innovation.
  • Create a daily routine using AI to stay ahead, brainstorm ideas, and unlock new possibilities.
  • Lack of internal collaboration and knowledge sharing about AI use cases is a missed opportunity for growth and efficiency.
  • Many AI users operate in stealth mode, fearing employers will demand more if productivity gains are revealed.
  • Incentivize and reward employees for sharing top AI use cases and innovations to spark widespread adoption.
  • Executives must personally use AI to grasp its capabilities and limitations, as it’s an “alien life form” with vast potential.
  • AI enables doing higher quality work in far less time but requires incentives for employees to surface these gains.


 “The AI’s that you are leveraging today are going to be the worst version of AI’s that you’ll ever use.”

“Create a routine where you use it every single day. You could start off simply by just replacing Google with it for 15 minutes.”

“If they share and proliferate it throughout their organization, there should be really big opportunities, but why they’re not sharing it is because they’re afraid that their employer is going to ask for more from them.”

“If you leverage those three stacks, you are going to be ahead of the majority of organizations out there. And I know this because I’ve spoken to a ton of them about this.”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss 

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