4 Step Closing Framework for Exponential Results

Ryan talks with Matt Wolach, CEO of Xsellus, to dive deep into the world of closing deals and skyrocketing demo conversion rates. Matt shares his game-changing framework that helped him achieve exponential growth and gives many opportunities to learn from a true sales mastermind!

Tune in for actionable insights that can transform your sales approach!

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  • Discovery is vital in the sales process; ask industry-specific questions to demonstrate expertise and uncover the buyer’s pain points.
  • Educate buyers on industry shifts, company founding story, and how your solution solves their problems to build a strong connection.
  • Associate your product with the buyer’s pain points to make them realize the value of your solution.
  • Take the lead in the sales process; guide the buyer and be their trusted advisor to help them understand how your product can solve their problems.
  • Calculate the financial impact of the buyer’s problems to demonstrate the ROI of your solution and make pricing discussions easier.
  • Understand your ideal customer profile (ICP) and ask process-based questions to uncover their challenges and pain points.
  • Avoid the curse of knowledge; ask about the buyer’s problems even if you already know the answer to help them realize the severity of their situation.
  • Focus on the tangible ROI components, such as time, money, and people involved, to create a compelling case for your solution.


 “People don’t take action from, ‘I want to check this out.’ They take action from pain.”

“If you can tell that founding story and talk about, let me tell you about this guy, Steve, and he was really frustrated that he couldn’t do this or that… If you tell that story, obviously a little bit with a little more beef than what I said, but that now connects the buyer to a person, as opposed to connecting them to a brand.”

“Once I get discovery really good, and I kind of connect the dots on each of those pains to the way it gets solved with my tool, then I don’t really have to do a lot else extra, and it’s amazing how kind of easy, simple that associate that demo process comes to be.”

“Discovery is as much for your buyer as it is for you. And so if we skip that piece, then they’re never going to realize how bad things are.”

“The devil’s in the details and that’s what really moves the needle is when you know those fine aspects.”

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