How I Sold My Company to Twitter for $65million with Pete Hunt of Elementl

Ryan is joined by Pete Hunt, who has worked at two of the biggest tech giants in the world, both Facebook and Twitter. Pete talks about everything from meetings with Mark Zuckerburg, to how he created a high valuation to sell his previous company, to how he has built a company to revolutionise the way we harness the power of data.

Pete also talks through his thoughts on threads as a product, the differences between working at Facebook and Twitter, the reliability of AI and his number one piece of advice for getting the perfect product market fit.


  • Most of Elementl’s revenue comes via inbound leads.
  • Smite built trust and safety tools for social media platforms, pretty much anyone not owned by google were a customer of them including TikToks former named company
  • Smite grew fast but Pete came to the conclusion that it would be best to sell due to the marketplace of social media platforms, there’s always a limited amount.
  • After selling to twitter, Pete actually stayed working there for over 3 years.
  • So many companies have issues with controlling their data, made more complex by constant new regulation. Pete’s newest start-up, Elementl, was started to help control this problem.
  • Looking at AI as a way to accelerate your business process is one of the best ways to utilise it’s strengths.
  • Start-ups need to focus on the top of the funnel more so than any other business type and size. It can feel repetitive but don’t undervalue it and put the hard work in at the beginning.


“We started the company to bring start of the art software engineering best practices, to build rock solid, testable data pipelines that you can trust”

“It was 2011 in the tech industry, nobody got fired”

“The thing I don’t like about threads is it’s a lot of brands being brands and people engaging with brands”

“There’s really strong engineering at both companies but Facebook really valued speed of delivery”

“Distribution is a massive competitive advantage”

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