You Are Only One Thought Removed From Your Next Good Idea

Currently, I’m in 2 masterminds for my own business development.

One of the mentors has a lifestyle business and he works about 15 hours a week and makes about $3 million a year. The other has grown a performance based business to almost a billion dollar valuation.

I just came back from a mastermind event just on fire with ideas to try and implement big things to hit a crazy goal.

When I got everything mapped out, and I was all hyped up and my brain was just on fire with all these ideas.

Then I looked at my top 3 goals for the week and I realized I didn’t hit any of my goals this week. What the heck was I doing?

When we look at one common theme of successful entrepreneurs, one thing they all have in common is this…an ability to stay focused!

That’s it! It makes all the difference though. So, I found this focus exercise in Dan Henry’s Digital Millionaire Secrets book:

  1. Write down the most important things – create a circle with all the things you are focused on, edge to edge as you go around the circle.
  2. Then draw lines towards the center so your circle now looks like pizza wedges.
  3. Now go and delete to complete – delete your focus areas down to 3 for right now. And you can’t go on to number 2 until you finish number 1. You always have to finish the next one before moving on to the next number.

I share a quote in this episode about what focus really is…it boils down to figuring out what to say no to!

I challenge you to do this focus exercise yourself!

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Digital Millionaire Secrets 

by Dan Henry