AI Secrets for Explosive Growth with Michael Fauscette of Disambiguation Podcast

Join Ryan as he interviews fellow podcaster and tech analyst Michael Fawcett. They explore how AI can revolutionize sales strategies and supercharge business growth and outline the incredible potential of AI to streamline processes, enhance skills, and boost productivity.

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  • AI can dramatically reduce time spent on tasks, automate execution, and provide custom training to rapidly upskill sales teams.
  • Leveraging AI for deep work tasks like deal strategy and revenue leader tasks can lead to significant time savings and improved outcomes.
  • AI enables salespeople to acquire new skills such as graphic design, music, and video creation within seconds, enhancing their capabilities.
  • Onboarding time for new sales reps can be reduced from months to weeks by using AI to create custom learning plans and role-playing scenarios.
  • Retention can be improved by using AI to automate tasks that salespeople don’t enjoy or excel at, increasing job satisfaction.
  • Small and medium businesses can use AI to focus on their top 20% of customers and multiply outcomes without adding headcount.
  • The sales professional of the future should focus on gaining attention through depth over quantity and consistently look for ways to leverage AI in their daily tasks.
  • Tracking progress and iterating on AI usage can lead to becoming a leader in the organization and future-proofing one’s career.


“You have the capability to become superhuman and offload a lot of the things that you don’t like about your job, acquire new skills at an insane rate and do things that you’ve never been able to do just by using words.”

“I tested it on basically the KPIs of the executives that we were selling to… It got like 95 per cent of the way there with one question. I was like, okay, this is scary, but exciting at the same time.”

“If you enable your team, specifically with prompts and a prompt library, and a whole innovation environment around AI, what will start to happen is they will naturally start to want to find ways where they could automate the things that either they’re not good at, or they don’t like.”

“Customized learning is huge. You could take the data set from what the company does, who they sell to, their ICP, and then you could probably even download the new employee’s job experience from LinkedIn and factor that in and have a whole learning plan customized based on that.”

“I would just make it a priority for my team and my org to use and innovate with these tools. Make it a priority, do a weekly meeting with your team, give them a running start by you learning as a leader, and then having them come back and identify the best practices after the first week and then innovate on top of that every week thereafter.”

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