The Future of Marketing is AI with Matt Swalley of Omneky

On today’s show, Ryan talks to Matt Swalley, Co-Founder & CBO of Omneky. A company that is doing amazing things by leveraging generative AI for marketing. Matt went from being a fortune 10, chief of staff to a first-time founder and leading a company that finished in the top 20 out of 1000 at TechCrunch Disrupt. 

He and Ryan discuss the AI of the future – where it’s heading, what’s changing, and how they started preparing for this big boom in 2018.


  • Omneky is north of $10m+ on AR and uses a mix of partnerships and direct sales. The aim is $100m per annum and to be publicly traded within a few years.
  • Omneky is an artificial intelligence-powered marketing platform that uses real-time performance data and traditional analytics to discover what with an ad is working.
  • Using data analytics, generative AI, and other elements all kinds of social media channels and ads can be optimised in a way that enables firms to follow their customers and generate more leads and revenue.
  • Leveraging AI enables you to catch everyone’s eye despite people´s increasingly shorter attention spans. You can pull data from multiple channels, uncover what works, then automatically create highly relevant content in numerous iterations. Enabling you to be everywhere and appeal to many different types of customers.
  • You still need humans to come up with extra ideas, check the output, eliminate bias, tweak the designs, and develop the AI. Omneky has its own development team.


“For direct sales – a combination of outbound emails and retargeting with digital ads.”

“It was really fate and networking that bought me here.”

“There´s different leverages you can pull with digital advertising and insights you can pull from that data.”

“The beautiful part of this is that there´s still a place for humans in every element of this.”

“Today, it´s (AI) really on fire. 

“Things are moving on, people get on or get blown away.”

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