The ChatGPT ROI Formula that Sales Legends Don’t Want You to Know

What are 60% of sales organisations failing at? Join Ryan in this episode as he talks all about generating clear ROI that your customers believe in, including how to identify tangible solutions, the framework he uses and some of the key ways you can leverage AI to create game-changing results.

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  • If you don’t have a clear ROI plan then it will impact leads, opportunities, close rates and more.
  • Most companies can’t dedicate the time they want to or need to on this but anyone can leverage AI to help.
  • Even if you are using AI solutions that have been tailored or built for specific needs it will almost always still require input and time from you particularly if you want something of high quality
  • Whenever Ryan and his team present a solution, they make sure that the result they expect to achieve is clear via messaging and presentations allowing for fast implementation.
  • An AI prompt library is a great asset that will help you leverage AI fast.
  • ChatGPT is known for not being perfect with numbers so Ryan suggests you use it to help you generate ideas and concepts and then build the last 5-10% onto what it gives you for accuracy.


“Most people don’t talk about this in public”

“Always do that extra 5%/10% on the quality side”

“The number one thing people in big companies are trying to do is avoid doing more work”

“I use ChatGPT which I think is the best for creative thinking”

“You are gonna be looked at completely different to every other competitor that you run into because you’re speaking in their ROI love language” 

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