Making $10million with a Product Recommendation Model with Soumyadeb Mitra founder of Rudderstack

Soumyadeb Mitra is the founder of Rudderstack. He joins Ryan to talk about his journey including being personally recruited by the CEO of Snowflake as a machine learning expert and growing a series b company. He also talks about AI, where he sees it heading and the integration with marketing tech and data.

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  • Rudderstack helps solve companies problems around data, particularly around collection of data and how to build use cases out of it.
  • Data marketing is constantly evolving and to build growth and be successful you have to adapt and evolve with it.
  • Try and understand the problems enterprises have, you can then build your product around this, creating good product market fit from day one.
  • Having an understanding of how enterprises work gives a unique context and ability to create a great product market, having real-world experience.
  • Whilst AI has great use cases it can’t replace everything, it isn’t there yet, but it has the potential to be.
  • To get the best results with AI, you need to be as specific as possible and provide context.
  • Companies are all unique and change management takes time even with the strong capabilities of AI, wide-scale change won’t happen overnight.
  • Rudderstack are focused on a product recommendation model, they have their core products but expand and develop based on customers’ recommendations.


He had access to the third most powerful computer in the world”

“Rudderstack is the culmination of 10-15 years of working in data and data marketing”

“There’s wild stuff you can do [with AI]”

“Yes a lot also will be automated but will I be the first person to jump into that, probably not”

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