How to Leverage AI at Events

Ryan shares the key things he learnt from the recent event he attended. He walks through the framework he uses to leverage events and also talks about how he, and you too, can use chatGPT vision when attending large-scale events like these.

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  • Always have a focus on new business when attending events
  • Identify 5-7 people you want to meet in advance before going to an event
  • There are large companies spreading misinformation about AI, this could be because they aren’t up to date or because they are threatened by large language models
  • Download chatGPT on your phone to unlock all capabilities including using vision
  • Categorize companies by their solution, customer base and revenue and look at the results to see who may be your best partners.
  • ChatGPT can be utilised to take frameworks, information from events and be told to create guides from them, making it bespoke to what you want to use it for.


“I always try and learn something insightful and interesting that I can immediately apply when I get back from the event”

“I’ve been a nut about AI, really into it, deep into it, trying to find all the use cases”

“Summarization of notes with action items, you can even ask it (chatGPT) to summarize”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss

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