Having a Revolutionary Vision Generates Amazing Innovations with Alex Quilici of YouMail

Alex Quilici is the CEO and founder of YouMail. Before that, he co-founded and sold Quack to AOL for over $200 million. To grow YouMail Alex pivoted multiple times, going from B2B to B2C, before creating a unique dual approach business model which has enabled the company to gain traction and grow at a phenomenal rate.

You are not going to want to miss this episode. In it, Alex talks about grit, perseverance, and what it takes to be successful in a startup.


  • Using a two-company approach has enabled YouMail to help businesses to stop making bad calls, while at the same time equipping consumers to effectively block spam callers. 
  • YouMail has fully leveraged its knowledge of how spam/robocalls are made and used it to create multiple revenue streams. Doing this by providing solutions for consumers, carriers, and those firms that have imposters making calls pretending to be them.
  • When things are not working out, don’t be afraid to pivot. Start by leveraging what you already know to identify and solve a different problem within the industry or marketplace that you have been working in.
  • Recognise what skills you don’t have and hire to fill that skill gap. Free yourself up to leverage what you know and what you do well.
  • Imagine the world differently to create your vision. For example, Quack came out of Alex wanting to be able to do anything he could do on his PC while he was out and do so from his brick phone. Once he had that vision he went out and made it happen. 
  • With a big vision, you may fail to completely achieve it, but the process of working to fulfil it will generate amazing innovations.
  • To get your big vision done everyone needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet and understand their role in delivering it. 


“Be open to being told you are wrong”

“Ask if everything went as I wanted, what would it look like?”

“For YouMail, we asked what it would look like if we were wildly successful. The answer was we would want there to never be another call somebody doesn’t want.”

“With a vision, you should be able to tell people it at a cocktail party”

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