Game Changing Branding Techniques Proven to 10x Your Company and Grow your NRR! withDavid Brier, Bestselling Author and CEO of DBD International

David is a bestselling author and a rebranding expert, helping multiple companies transform their business all through the power of branding. He joins Ryan in this episode to share the techniques he uses, the many things he has learnt in his 40+ years of experience and talks about why simply meeting your customers’ expectations is never enough.


  • David started in the world of branding 40+ years ago. The interesting advantage he has with this wealth of experience is being able to see first hand the timeless things that have always worked.
  • The fundamentals of branding don’t change but if you pay close attention you can change and pivot to leverage what will work right now.
  • You shouldn’t always be tactical with branding, David goes deep into companies touchpoints to see what real problems they are having so they can recognise what to focus on.
  • Very few companies do post sale branding. But it exceeds the customers experience level and creates brand loyalty.
  • Everything is automated now. Think about what parts of your sales process you can humanise to give your customer a better experience.
  • Great branding is often compiled of a variety of small little things, rather than something big.
  • Try and anticipate your customers next need, don’t just focus on the buyer’s journey but your customers whole journey. Allowing you to create customers that come back to you time and time again.
  • Just meeting a customers expectations is not enough, that is the bare minimum. Think about what you are doing that can impact a customer on a day to day basis and are if there is a way you can add an element of surprise.
  • David transformed the company KnowBe4 from zero to a billion dollar ‘unicorn’ company in just 8 years through his branding techniques.
  • Look at your market, look at what everyone is the space is doing and what’s expected, then find ways to go beyond that, to become remarkable and impossible to ignore.



 “Being thick skinned enough to have passionate impartiality, you’ve got to be strong enough to look objectively”

“That whole big picture look can sometimes be at the sacrifice of little things that impact everyday decisions and the customer experience”

“What more are we doing to add value of a day to day basis as well as what I call the elements of surprise”

“We’re all in the business of helping customers, prospect, to come to new conclusions and they’re not going to come to new conclusions with old information”

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