Transforming Your Growth with the Power of Video – with Chris Savage of Wistia

Ryan is joined by Chris Savage, the CEO and founder of Wistia, a video platform that allows businesses to utilise the power of video. Before founding Wistia, Chris graduated from Brown university, he is also the podcast host of Talking Too Loud and a proud coffee lover!

Chris talks about how he builds his vision strategy, the impact of planning for the future before making decisions today and the current content/video market and what you should be focusing on in your business.


  • Wistia’s mission is to help businesses drive with video, there is a multitude of ways for them to deliver on this mission including creating content that helps their clients solve unique problems.
  • Chris recognised early on that through platforms like YouTube, video content online no longer was restricted to those who could code and were tech-savvy, it would soon be open to almost everyone. This is how Wistia began.
  • Being focused on your long-term strategy allows you to make the right decisions instead of being distracted by the immediate short-term.
  • Consider your market and potential growth for the future, then work backwards from this point to build your business and its goals and direction.
  • Audiences now have unlimited competition for their time, your content is effectively ‘stealing’ time from them, it needs to be top-tier!
  • Consumption of all video has gone up since the pandemic, particularly long-form which is a dramatic change.
  • The best growth strategy is to find an opinionated product, that solves a unique problem for your customer whilst constantly and consistently improving and adapting.


 “The most consistent, core thing we’ve done is building up that brand equity consistently with content”

“You can do all sorts of things depending on how people are consuming your content”

“If we’re going to fail, it’s going to be into obscurity”

“The audience is in control, they have unlimited competition”

“Don’t be afraid to market simple things”

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