Revealing the BIGGEST Mistakes CEOs are Making Right Now with CEO of CaliberMind Eric Westerkamp

Eric Westerkamp is the CEO of CaliberMind, he talks to Ryan about the biggest challenges he has faced in his career, why he believes that machine learning is the future of tech, as well as the biggest mistakes CEOs are making with their data. He also talks about the importance of a data-driven leadership approach and how to leverage machine learning appropriately.


  • CaliberMind core clients are high-tech companies, tech-enabled service companies that are b2b; companies that understand how data relates to growth. Their primary revenue growth strategy is to focus on these companies with direct marketing techniques.
  • CaliberMind works by mimicking what a dedicated data science team would do for a company.
  • Companies are beginning to realize the impact of siloed teams on revenue growth.
  • A lot of marketing companies aren’t data-driven. They have to consciously make that decision and then decide how to get meaningful data and understand the questions they want to ask.
  • We are going to start seeing more accessible machine learning. People and companies are starting to realise the real-life application and this is the direction Eric sees tech going.


 “We’re giving them insights on exactly what is and isn’t working across their sales and marketing”

“They’re realizing to really maximise their growth they need to run it like a revenue cycle”

“Organisations have to make the decision to become data drive”

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