Hyper-Growth from a Unique Bootstrapping & VC Combo with CEO and Co-founder of Ushur, Simha Sadasiva

Simha is the CEO and co-founder of Ushur, a service engagement platform that leverages data and tech to digitally transform backend processes for industries that struggle with customer service.

Simha talks to Ryan about his journey through entrepreneurship, including his experience in running $ 100 million revenue companies, and consulting and scaling teams. He explains how he and his team have created a new category within the SaaS space with their unique customer experience automation product and how he bootstrapped his way to gaining fortune 500 companies as clients before gaining VC backing. He also sheds light on what he believes the future of tech to be.


  • After gaining two fortune 500 companies as clients, Ushur was able to obtain VC backing. The growth since the funding 3 ½ years ago has been over 200% each year!
  • Primary revenue growth was based on building a SaaS platform that focused on and was built solely around the industries they knew needed their platform. 
  • Simha always knew entrepreneurship was for him, he was surrounded by like-minded people and this always inspired him to take risks and continuously look for opportunities.
  • Focusing on industries where customer service and experience were lacking was the main goal when Simha and his team started Ushur.
  • There’s a lot of friction in industries such as Insurance when customers are trying to reach the company but it also works the other way round, something that Simha had to bear in mind when building and expanding the platform. 
  • The evolution of communication and the impact this has on customer experience, particularly around what Simha coins ‘micro engagement’ is something he and his team knew would be at the core of their product.
  • The brand recognition Ushur has built has allowed them to grow through recommendations and trust.


 “We built a horizontal platform with a vertical go-to-market strategy”

“Having discipline and focus allows you to run a long race”

“Many things in life are serendipity and accidental”

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