How to Stimulate Growth in a Mature Market with Lars Helgeson CEO of Niche CRM Platform GreenRope

Lars is the CEO and founder of GreenRope, a SaaS CRM company that he bootstrapped himself, he is also the author of the book CRM for Dummies. Lars talks to Ryan about his journey of perseverance through adversity, why entrepreneurs create incredible value as well as the new strategies and processes they are implementing to stimulate growth at GreenRope.


  • GreenRope has generally been focused on organic growth but is changing its strategy to try and break its $2 million ceiling by focusing on partnerships.
  • GreenRope is a subscription-based CRM and marketing system.
  • GreenRope is an accessible and flexible platform that allows its users to choose and use the features that work for them.
  • When Lars was in the air force, he was part of a very large ‘machine’. He found the bureaucracy stifling, he wanted to express his creativity and solve problems and effect change, which he felt he could do so if he worked for himself.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to think about what value you can provide to people and consider the right price for it.
  • When you choose to grow organically you can only grow alongside the capital you create which can become challenging as the market you are in matures.
  • Perseverance and dedication are what Lars attributes to his continual success throughout his business journey. He also stresses how important it is to be flexible and pivot when needed.


 “It can be challenging to be small, to compete against big companies…but also not a lot of BS, when we need to get things done we get things done”

“I just knew that I wanted to work for myself”

“What can you create to compete with what is already out there?”

“Perseverance separates a lot of people from success and failure”

“Being a CEO can be lonely”

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