Helping Companies Find the Perfect Product Fit! Speaking with Matt Young, CEO of UserVoice

Ryan is joined by Matt Young in this episode. Matt was born an engineer and now runs UserVoice, a product feedback software that helps companies make data driven decisions and prioritise future requests to help their growth

Matt and Ryan talk about growth strategy, the power of learning from your clients and what it means for a software companies’ success when they truly back their engineers.

 UserVoice help answer the age-old problem of product market fit.

UserVoice gets a lot of inbound requests from companies, they are often searched for when a company is struggling and follow a content-marketing strategy to aid this.

When a customer talks to UserVoice about their unique problems, they start with the outcome and work backwards.

Being a multi-product company was needed for UserVoice to grow and Matt Young headed this.

The way people want to talk to the companies that provide their software services has changed, they want to know more detail and more data. There’s a lot more information that you have to be clever about learning.

UserVoice offer help beyond the software, this is something that attracts more people towards them.

Having the ability to work with lots of different product companies means that UserVoice can have visibility what works and what doesn’t.

The companies that do the best are the ones that measure twice and cut once.

When starting product research, it’s important to be crystal clear about what you want and expect to learn.

Facilitate meetings between your marketing and product teams. The information and ideas they gather can be useful to both teams to share.

Listening to your customers is about using the information they give you to go away and create the best product. It doesn’t always mean doing exactly what they say but about –understanding and facilitating their needs.


 “We try to share as much as possible to become thought leaders and industry experts”

“This is a way to put quantitative and qualitive data behind what an engineering team has asked to build”

“People who see us and say I really wish our company had that”

“Do you know that if you went to build a solution in mind that it would sell?”

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