Winning Uber and Netflix Investors in 7 Days: 4x Founder Justin Clegg Shares His Framework

Founder and CEO of Allset, Justin Clegg joins Ryan in this episode. Justin had a great start in AI, he founded 3 Silicon Valley start-ups and worked at multiple fortune 500 software companies before building his newest venture, Allset. He reveals his step-by-step framework for creating a repetitive start-up flywheel of revenue growth and talks about why Allset is on track to becoming one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Utah and even the U.S.



  • Allset is Justin’s fourth start-up venture, they focus on building tools for communications and payments for underserved home companies
  • Allset is on the trajectory to go from zero to 1 million by the end of the year!
  • There are a few different go-to-market strategies Allset focus on. Number one is they rely on a strong capital-efficient sales team. Secondly, they offer demos to potential clients. Thirdly they attend many trade shows and conferences across the states and invest in digital channels to build their network.
  • The pandemic saw the focus of capital moving away from Silicon Valley, this gave Allset the initial opportunity to find funding.
  • Building a strong brand and having their story known alongside being an SME are all things that have helped further funding to be obtained.
  • Fundraising isn’t suitable for all businesses; it doesn’t make or break a successful company.
  • You must believe in what you are building, be in a large attractive market and have existing customers to attract significant fundraising.
  • It’s important to remember that strings and expectations are always attached when raising capital.
  • Sales is a key cornerstone of a business, and it can solve all problems in a variety of ways.
  • Being surrounded by start-ups in Silicon Valley meant that Justin was immersed in possibilities, he was surrounded by unique and novel concepts that were ground-breaking.
  • If you can align your vision and focus with customer pain points, that they are willing to pay you to resolve, you are on to a winning concept.
  • Growth is simply about press, PR, getting the business and brand in front of the right people and of course, revenue.
  • Good product-market fit means if your product was to stop then at least 40% of your customers would be disappointed or frustrated.
  • Writing code, building your product, and listening to customers is critical to the beginning stages of a start-up and creating a great product market fit.


 “Selling software becomes a huge opportunity”

“Fundraising is not for everyone”

“For every $1 you take there are strings attached”

“[to build growth] Do things that scale and tie yourself to revenue”

“Build a good product, build something people want”

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