Why Cybersecurity is a Human Problem and Talking Open Source AI with Casey Ellis of Bugcrowd

Casey Ellis is the CEO of Bugcrowd, a platform that connects users with digital locksmiths/hackers to help solve their problems, they also offer task service management and security consulting. Casey has 18 years of experience in the security space and has supported every type of client from small start-ups to large national corporations. Casey and Ryan have an in-depth conversation around AI and Security and Casey also talks about Bugcrowd’s interesting combination business model, talks about marketing virality and reveals why his company were a chosen partner by open AI to try and penetrate AI as an open-source programme.


  • Bugcrowd uses a traditional SaaS business model alongside operating a marketplace too.
  • Bugcrowd uses a combination of direct sales and channel marketing for its go-to-market strategy.
  • The ethos behind Bugcrowd is that cybersecurity is a human problem and they focus on human creativity to solve it and then utilise technology to accelerate the solution.
  • Having the ability to develop innovative tech as well as recognising and empathising with the human component uniquely placed Casey to build a solution like Bugcrowd.
  • If you are looking at putting all of your eggs in one basket with one platform, make sure you have a great relationship with them.
  • Viral marketing starts by creating value, initial value is what will engage people and want them to share.
  • Being in the cybersecurity space for a considerable amount of time and building up a good reputation for doing what they do well, means Bugcrowd and its team often get approached for testing new tech.
  • Casey believes having the goal and conviction around what you are looking to achieve in business is a better motivator than money.


“Cybersecurity is a human problem technology just makes it go faster”

“Don’t be valuable create value”

“When new stuff comes out, we get a phonecall”

“There’s a trust in us as an organisation”

“I wanna see the production of wealth actually being the product of something I’ve set out to solve”

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