Who Wins? Google Gemini vs ChatGPT Plus

Ryan compares Google Gemini and ChatGPT Plus in this informative episode. He outlines the pros and cons of each and how you can easily and quickly implement them into your own workflow. Ryan also highlights the big shift in AI and these tools that he sees coming soon!

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  • Ryan tested Google Gemini and ChatGPT Plus through the lens of creating a brand new start-up and the tasks that would be required.
  • ChatGPT was quite dry but Gemini outputted a good amount of personality.
  • Ryan’s second test was on creativity, they both gave very good responses.
  • Visuals were the next test, in this test he asked for logos and Gemini didn’t follow the instructions very well. DALL-E seemed to understand the directions better.
  • Overall Gemini was a lot faster at producing what it was asked for and the UI was very good.
  • Microsoft business users are more likely to move over to ChatGPT as it is built for them and integration will be better.
  • It’s critical to have a model-agnostic approach so that you are able to leverage the model that will serve you best and has the best tools for your needs. Innovation will not stop.


Google Gemini is the ChatGPT equivalent that they just released last week”

“The really interesting thing is Gemini has a bit more personality”

“What I did notice is Gemini was a lot faster”

“The moral of the story is these models are getting much much closer”

“It’s critical to have a model agnostic approach when you leverage this”

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