Utilizing Diversification to go from $10m to $100m with Subbu Viswanathan co-founder and CEO of Disprz

Ryan is joined in this episode by Subbu Viswanathan, co-founder and CEO of Disprz, a learning, upskilling and talent mobility platform. Subbu shares how Disprz helps enterprises get their workforce ready for current and future roles through their suite of products tailored to different levels of digital maturity. He provides insights into Disprz’s unique go-to-market strategy of early international expansion across 4 continents, as well as the frameworks and AI they leverage to quantify skills development and connect it to business outcomes. Subbu also discusses the importance of skills-based thinking in recruitment, performance reviews and succession planning.

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  • Diversifying products and regions early on helped Disperse surpass $10M ARR in the journey to $100M.
  • Disperse uses NLP-focused AI to understand roles, map skills to courses, identify gaps and enable personalization – improving ROI on learning.
  • They break down roles into 12-15 component skills across functional, digital, leadership and meta categories that can be measured at 5 levels.
  • Disperse is shifting enterprises to experience and skills-based hiring, reviews and succession planning.
  • Frequent leadership gatherings and elevating regional heads are key to navigating the complexity of global expansion.


“I often feel we don’t get paid fairly for it.”

“Just as anybody in the world needs to use Excel there will come a time or the time is already here where everybody needs to use chat gpt for day-to-day work.”

“Comedy is serious business. Likewise, soft skills are really hard.”

“The diversity, it was never a single product solution that also caused certain challenges.”

“No company is going to grow from $10m to $100m without going through the share of challenges.”

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