Using AI to Solve Your Pipeline Problems with Gil Allouche CEO and Founder of Metadata

Gil Allouche from Metadata joins Ryan in this episode. Gil is the founder and CEO of Metadata, he came from a systems engineering background and then went into marketing where he worked on automation and creating a product leading to 5 patents in his technology. Gil talks to Ryan about many topics surrounding AI and automation including how his company solves the age-old problem of pipeline and why we shouldn’t be frightened of AI and instead embrace it wherever we can in business.


  • Metadata built a programme where marketers can log in and automate all the mundane and repetitive tasks they need to execute to build a sustainable and profitable pipeline for their sales counterparts.
  • Specialising in b2b, Metadata is able to focus on complex data environments and products to suit businesses directly.
  • Gil is a software engineer and has been creating, building and inventing for a long time, he was creating new and unique technology that he didn’t want to be taken from him so filed 5 patents. This uniquely places Metadata in the market as no one else has the ability to have the tech they do.
  • One of the things Metadata is focusing on is how to make the messaging of AI more accessible to individuals as it can sometimes overwhelm and frighten those who aren’t in the space.
  • The more comfortable you are trying to utilise and lead the way with AI rather than fighting it, the more success you will find in the future.


“They will learn through experimentation what works and what doesn’t”

“I’m a software engineer I like to create things and build stuff and I experienced stuff from early on, I like to invent”

“It’s one of the big differentiators, no one has the technology we have”

“It’s a way of removing barriers to sale for your products”

“I’m not afraid at all of AI”

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