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How you do one thing in business will lead people to believe that it is the way you do everything else too. It is vital to understand that, especially when it comes to sending out spam messages. 

Judi Fox launched her company in 2008-2009. Since then, she has been using LinkedIn to generate business for herself, her clients, and her customers. In this episode, she shares her best practices and explains how she helps others get big business on LinkedIn.

Much of the advice given for LinkedIn, especially around spam messaging, comes from those who tend to forget that different businesses have different sales cycles and lead times. That also pertains to building trust and negotiating contracts. 

If you enter into a contract with someone and then send them spam, the relationship starts off by leading them to believe that you will continue to treat them in the same way over the years you work with them. 

You do not have to build thousands of long-term relationships to have a thriving business if you have a high-ticket or high-trust item in the financial service industry, the medical field, engineering, or technology. Lean into having referral partners and public conversations.

Spamming people will not work on LinkedIn.

Having public conversations on LinkedIn will convert to more responses to your direct private messages. Go onto LinkedIn-not to create content, but to create a list of people who are always having great conversations. You can then show up and add to those conversations. That will show people how you talk to others and make them more inclined to reply to your direct messages.

Start with the LinkedIn news. Pay attention to the content created by the LinkedIn editors (particularly that of Dan Ross, the Chief Editor) and notice what they are promoting. Those are the conversations that you should join and amplify on LinkedIn. 

Be a good communication partner. That will earn you the right to talk privately in your direct messages about things you would like to sell.

Create a list of 10-20 of your niche clients and parallel business partners who get a lot of attention on LinkedIn, feed into your business, do not compete with you, and could become excellent referral partners. That list could serve and sustain your business for the next five to ten years if you involve yourself with their conversations.

Your success on LinkedIn depends on how you set yourself up to build enough trust for people to refer you easily. 

It takes time to build up the trust and credibility needed to create a great referral pipeline. 

In The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, there are Connectors, Persuaders, and Mavens. Here is a summary of each one:

  • Connectors might not be great referral partners or make things happen for you, but they can alert you to what could work and open doors for you.
  • Persuaders might not have more than 100 followers, but they are persuasive people. They can tell their followers about something new in a way that motivates them to take action.
  • Mavens enjoy summarizing their finds, information, and networks and tend to give shout-outs for free.

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