Top 3 Takeaways After Presenting to 300+ C-Level Executives

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September was an intense month, with lots of travel that was mostly work related. I had a unique opportunity to make some presentations with Pavilion, which is a community of primarily C-Level executives.

I was able to present on Enterprise Sales Go-To-Market Strategies and Enterprise Sales Operations. I was able to do this live in 2 different sessions and had hundreds of my ideal clients listening live and on the replays.

It was an amazing experience and I came away with 3 big takeaways that I wanted to share with you today.

I’ve had over 40 people reach out for help with their businesses and wanting to work with me or give me positive feedback about my presentations.

#1 – I used a storytelling framework that I stole from Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels. It works like crazy!

The Storytelling Framework is:
Case Study or Examples of the Outcome

In the past, I have focused heavily on the strategies that I was talking about, but after sitting through enough boring corporate presentations, I decided to do something completely different for this one.

For Story, I did the following:
Used pop culture references for feeling
Used principles – momentum, inertia, math, quantum leap and show them in a new way.
Used war stories – tangible examples where I walked through what I went through when I was in the trenches helping other people with sales.

For Strategy, I systematically explained what’s involved, both conceptually and philosophically.

For Tactics, I give them step by step guides or exercises leading them through your method.

For Case Studies, I give them examples of the results my method provided.

#2 – Engagement and energy – ask for feedback and get audience involvement. Use sarcasm or analogies or whatever feels comfortable to you. You have to have energy and speed as you go through your presentation because you don’t want to bore your audience to death.

#3 – Time – allow enough time to cover the following:
Outcome – the audience needs to have
Outline – your framework with sub-bullet points
Context – play off of the current environment

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