The Revenue Operations of Data With Nick Bonfiglio

On this episode, Ryan speaks to Nick Bonfiglio an expert in business data for over thirty years and received series A funding for his company, Syncari. During his career he’s also  been the EVP of Marketo and the CTO at LucasFilm during Star Wars.


Due to Nick’s innovation, the way that corporate data is handled and used has seen the first major advancement in nearly two decades.
You have to be completely tenacious, iron willed and disciplined whilst your company is growing and be able to step up at any time.
Whilst working on your innovations, your focus has to remain on the customer’s success has to be paramount.
To achieve growth, you need to be armed with the correct data and the capabilty to process it accurately. Revenue operations is the key to this.



‘ I like software and startups more than the film industry.’

‘ Everything we do is based around the success of the customer.’

‘Getting to foundational, accurate, consistent and truthful data across the organisation is the foundation for everyone.’

‘IT is been reducing in responsibility, size and budget a lot over the last few years.’



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Nick Bonfiglio isfounder and CEO of Syncari, former EVP of Product at Marketo and author. Syncari is a company set up to help GTM teams solve costly data inconsistencies in their CRM and related platforms, through modern multidirectional synchronization of business applications.  

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