The People You Admire Most Don’t Have Your Gift

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Sometimes, information is not taught. It is caught.

I made a shift in my business and decided to get laser-focused on serving entrepreneurs and CEOs wanting to scale their businesses.

I have been in the revenue world for twenty years, and I have had awesome experiences meeting many different flavors of people. More recently, I have been working one-on-one with almost a hundred CEOs, coaching them to scale their revenue. And those folks are experiencing rapid growth!

The vast number of people out there who have different areas of giftedness caught my attention. Those people have fine-tuned their craft over many years and experiences, and they serve the marketplace at a high level. Yet none of them has everything. The common thread between all of them is that they don’t have it all across all areas.

There is a comparison culture happening on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn. When going down that path, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that you don’t have what it takes.

When we try to do something difficult, we tend to forget about the vast number of companies that fail. 

My mentor taught me that if you are a hard driver, and want to do big things, you might forget that what you have done already is very impressive. You have done amazing things in your life that nobody else has ever been able to do. Yet we forget that. And sometimes, even the smartest people in business, who have had the most success, forget that too.

I urge you to ask yourself what you are amazing at doing. What have you done that is unique, different, and special that you do not give yourself enough credit for?

To better your situation and learn to trust and believe in yourself, you need to stop and think. Ask yourself what you have done that nobody else has ever been able to do before. If you have a limiting belief about yourself and can’t think of anything, ask someone else what you have done. It could lead to a whole new life for you!

Never forget how much of a beautiful gift you have. And how much of a beautiful gift to the world you are!

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