The Moments that Made Me a Top Leader | Scott Leese

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Scott lists the following as his superpowers:

  • Not living in fear
  • Resilience – having an ability to bounce back
  • Can shake off failure and frustration
  • Connecting with people where they are
  • Being an intentional listener
  • Having a sense of urgency – too much leads to impatience
  • I can push people to make decisions – too much leads to being pushy

What causes sales people to not close deals:

  • Adapting to work at home environments and distractions
  • Everybody is just fried from the prolonged pandemic environment
  • Leaders are struggling if they refuse to meet people on a human level
  • Leaders who have only managed to the numbers and KPI’s will struggle in this new workplace.
  • Employees are rejecting the old type of leadership that is only data driven without regard for the humanity of employees.

Even someone like Scott who has been hell-bent on performing for the last 16 years, finds himself out of gas today. He’s just trying to force himself to battle the internal dialog of checking out. His outlet of surfing has been cancelled and it’s not good for his mental and physical health.

How to recharge in today’s environment:

  • Don’t fake it; be honest about where you are
  • Do the best you can to juggle all the things you have to do
  • Don’t expect yourself to be a machine – those days are long gone
  • Find an escape of a different 4 walls to surround you
  • Give yourself a break when you need to just “mail it in”
  • Pay attention to your body and hear what it is saying to you
  • Count your blessings if you work for yourself

Scott also shares his perspective on leaving corporate jobs and working for himself. He began to see a pattern after helping company after company. Here’s what he identified:

Year 1 – You are a hero.

Year 2 – The stakes are higher and they start to question and judge you.

Year 3 – Your job becomes brutal and you become expendable.

Scott’s way to de-risk going out on your own: 

Start some side hustles

Plan an exit strategy

Get to a place where the side hustle income matches the job income, and leave the job.

Scott’s advice if you want to step out on your own:

  1. Having all your income tied up in one source is a terrible strategy.
  2. Figure out other ways to monetize your time rather than a job.
  3. Dig into your passions and study how you can make money with it.
  4. Any hustle that you can cash flow even with just a few hundred dollars a month is worth starting.
  5. Now, grow each of those hustles.
  6. You don’t need one big side hustle to bring in all your income.
  7. Replace your one source of income with many sources of income.

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