The Data-Driven Approach to Getting Promoted with David Farrell SVP Sales at Namely

Ryan interviews David Farrell, SVP of Sales at Namely, about career advancement and leveraging AI. They discuss the key mistakes people make when seeking promotions, how to find mentors, become invaluable thought leaders, get constructive feedback, and self-promote accomplishments!

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  • Seek internal or external mentors with relevant experience to provide advice and broaden your skillset. Dedicate consistent time to learn from them.
  • Become an expert in your field by taking bold action and volunteering for projects. Solve problems using the latest tech like AI. Thought leadership stands out.
  • Ask managers for constructive feedback on skill gaps and your reputation. Then address those deficiencies to show improvement.
  • Promote accomplishments like improved metrics or new efficiencies to leaders. If you don’t, they only remember you as initially hired.
  • Know your data and metrics thoroughly. Advocate for yourself by showing clear progress. Don’t let poor data drive decisions.
  • Adopt innovations like AI early to boost efficiency, even if the company isn’t providing training. The skills pay dividends in recognition.
  • Ask leaders outright what blind spots are preventing you from being promoted and how to address them.
  • Mentor others both externally and internally. It might feel like you don’t have time but the exchange of ideas helps you develop and progress.


“I try to just figure out how do I, how can I help the organization win by getting what I want out of it?”

“Become an expert in your field or just invaluable…those are the people that get promoted.”

“If you’re not tracking your progress, if you don’t know your data points…decisions are going to get made without you.”

“Adopting new tech early as a tool to scale and create efficiencies…I really see that with AI.”

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