The 3 Biggest Changes B2B Buyers Made That Will Make Your Life More Difficult

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The reality is that buying behavior is changing and we need to be aware of these trends so we can adapt and change so our numbers don’t stagnate.

I read some really interesting data the other day and I wanted to make you aware of the data. It’s from a Forester 2021 buying study with over 1000 respondents.

Looking at things from the buying process will help you get more sales.

How are buying habits changing?

  1. Buyers now means a buying group. 63% of companies now have 6 or more people involved in the buying process. 
  2. It’s a more complex buying process. The number of buying interactions jumped by 10, going from 17-27. Trust is a huge factor. 
  3. Buyers go everywhere for information. Self directed research is king. More options = less clarity.

These 3 important areas of buyer considerations that you need to keep in mind if you want to be in the top 1% in sales.

If you want to be a leader in your space, you have to become a student of the game.