The 1 OpenAI Release That is Better Than The GPT Store That 99% Missed

One of the biggest releases of the GPT store occurred last week and in this episode, Ryan wants to highlight one of the best opportunities OpenAI released that many people missed! Ryan takes the time to walk through this important release and how you can make the most of it!

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  • OpenAI has released an option to keep your data secure whilst making effective data analysis.
  • The reason many people haven’t used OpenAIs data analysis function is because of concerns around data sharing but this effectively eliminates any risk.
  • It’s important to always remember that it is early days, things won’t always work perfectly.
  • If you want to take large data sets and get recommendations on output, this is a great tool.
  • Looking at any customer data can be a mammoth task, this will not only break it down for you but give you solutions. 


This is one of the examples of effective data analysis”

“It’s not bug-free, we’re early on”

“It covered everything from thumbnails to content structure”

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