Start With The Premise That You Will Make it Happen with Steve Cody of Bunking

Steve Cody is the founder and CEO of Bunking which is a marketplace for shared living and travel. 

He also has another business called Marketplace Studio, which is a software development boutique firm focused on marketplace creation. He started in business as a teen with just $1,200. Then went on to create 17 more companies in just 30 years. Businesses that have generated over $750 million in sales.


  • Bunking launched in beta mode about 3 months ago and is pre-revenue.
  • They are running 4 go to market tests to uncover the niche that has the lowest customer acquisition cost, with the highest network effect.
  • Bunking connects like-minded people to get together to use shared living and travel to have adventures they could not otherwise afford.
  • Bunking is focused on the travel retreats sector, followed by remote work and roommate living.
  • Collaborative living is becoming a huge thing, especially themed homes. E.g., YouTubers or tech workers living together learning and bouncing off each other.
  • The impact of network effects is huge. Bunking enables individuals e.g., retreat owners to tap into this far more.
  • Be prepared to think out of the box and pivot. Bunking did not turn out to work much like the way the team first thought it would.
  • When you have a business idea, ask what do you want to get out of it? E.g., more free time or something else. Answering that question impacts how you make it a reality.
  • Leverage your data from the start. Think about what you need to know about your customers to improve how you serve them.


“We´re building supply and getting user feedback.”

“Post CoVid there’s a lot more people with their own schedules and more mobility”

“You have to start with the premise that you’re going to find a way to make it happen”

“Bunking is almost like a dating platform, because we’re connecting like-minded people to do joint bookings.”

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