Speaking with an AI Guest Live!

Using the chat GPT voice feature, Ryan interviews an AI version of Chris Vos! Listen in and follow along as Ryan talks about AI objections with AI itself and demonstrates a great use case for this new feature.

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  • You can use calibrated questions to try and overcome objections from others about the financial pressures of adopting AI in a business
  • If you have been told that the business or individual is too busy to adopt AI into its workflow, this may actually be a disguise for other objections.
  • With a CFO objection, it’s usually due to not having the financial detail, show them the numbers and how it could realistically look to implement but also what the numbers in terms of outcomes would look like too.


Hit them with the mirroring technique to dig deeper”

“The goal isn’t just to overcome the objection but guide them to a solution that’s mutually beneficial”

“The too busy objection often disguises other underlying concerns”

“Keep them engaged and let them come to the realisation that they can’t not afford to move forward with your proposal”

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Founder and CEO

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