Scaling Your Network at an Exponential Rate

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I have been having conversations with CEOs and revenue leaders across a range of companies, organizations, and structures. I have met some amazing people and I started to see a pattern to the things to which people respond well. I was coming from a place of service, and the strategy has taken off for me in terms of the people I am getting to know as a result of it. 

The mindset and belief that I’ve been focused on, is around how I can help someone before I even meet them. 

There are three main actions that you can take to blow that up and expand your network exponentially. They are simple in concept and anyone can implement them, as long as they go in with the mindset of first wanting to find out how you can help someone in a really significant way.

I typically start by asking who they are and getting to know who they are. Eventually, the conversation shifts to talking about their business. Two questions that have yielded many ways in which I can help people have stood out and people have truly appreciated my asking them. 

  1. What is your most important focus right now? (By asking an open-ended question, people might tell you about something that they have personally been working on or something from a business perspective that they are working on. People expose things that are top of mind for them because that is usually their biggest problem.)
  2. What is your perfect customer? Or, what does the number one best customer that you would like to meet today, that would be amazing for you look like? (You might need to dig a bit to find out why they choose that particular solution as the answer to their problem.)

If you ask those two questions, you will get two by-products:

  1. You will get a macro view of what is most important to them.
  2. You will get to know the most valuable opportunity that you can put in front of that person, that will yield favorably for them.

Those are two filtering questions that will get you to the core of what moves the needle for that person, from an overall bigger picture perspective of their whole life, and how you can help them create more revenue in the fastest way possible. 

Once you know what is most important to them right now and who their perfect customer is, you need to know how to serve them on the spot and give them something actionable towards their biggest priority or their perfect customer. The beauty in that is that by coming from a place of giving, there are many areas or people you can connect them with that you would never have thought could help that person had you not asked those two questions.