Scaling to $400M in 4 Years: Optimizely CEO Shares Secrets to Success with Alex Atzberger

Ryan interviews Alex Atzberger, the CEO who took Optimizely from $100 million to $400 million in just four years. Alex shares his incredible journey, revealing the challenges, tough decisions, and the single best decision that led to this remarkable growth.

In the upcoming episode, Alex will dive into AI integration and the fascinating innovations at Optimizely. Don’t miss out on the insights and knowledge shared by Alex.

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  • Creating a strong sense of mission and purpose is crucial when walking into any company, along with identifying the company’s special assets and creating a north star for the organisation.
  • Optimizely’s success story began with combining content management (EpiServer) and optimization (Optimizely) to create a powerful platform for marketers.
  • Building the right culture and leadership team is essential for scaling a company, as every single person matters in execution.
  • Acquiring Welcome, a workflow AI-accelerated engine, was the best decision made during the four-year period, bringing in valuable solutions and people.
  • Execution is everything in a company of Optimizely’s size, and focusing on the main thing leads to wonderful results.
  • Making changes in the leadership team, especially when it involves people who put their trust in you, can be emotionally challenging but necessary for the company’s growth.
  • The muscle built during the journey from $100 million to $400 million makes the next $400 million growth more feasible, enabling the company to do things they couldn’t do before.


“Content is the heart of everything. What we are doing right now here together is content. You know, everything in a brand, everything in a, in a, in a digital team, everything on a, on a advertising team, PR, everything starts with content.”

“I think I have the strongest leadership team in MarTech at this point, you know, um, you know, the founder of one of our acquisitions stuck around and is now the CMO of the company.”

“The best decision, uh, was, uh, probably to acquire a company called Welcome.”

“I always think it’s quite personal when you bring people onto a journey, um, people that trust you. I think trust is the ultimate currency in life.”

“Every single person matters, but it’s all about actually executing what you say to do.”

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