Scaling a Remote Company to Nearly Unicorn Status with Ori Keren of Linear B

Ryan is joined in this episode by Ori Karen, founder and CEO of LinearB, a software delivery management company nearing unicorn status. Ori shares how he and his co-founder built the company remotely, him in Tel Aviv and his partner in California. He outlines LinearB’s growth strategy of focusing on the mid-market before expanding to enterprise. Ori stresses the importance of constantly evolving based on customer feedback. He also discusses key challenges around scaling the company efficiently and how LinearB is leveraging AI, using it to build internal tools that increase productivity.

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  • Ori and his co-founder built strong trust by working together previously, enabling them to scale a remote company.
  • LinearB found product-market fit by staying focused on the mid-market before expanding upmarket.
  • They grew rapidly by releasing MVPs, gathering customer feedback, and quickly iterating.
  • Efficient growth and scaling teams 10x in size are their current scaling challenges.
  • LinearB is using AI to build internal tools that drive productivity.
  • Engineering leaders are an underserved audience that crave content, now more than ever.


“Being a co-founder with someone is sometimes more intense than a marriage.”

“We weren’t tempted to go after enterprise customers. We stayed focused on mid-market’s high-velocity end-to-end sales cycle.”

“If you really want engineering teams to improve, you’ve got to democratize the data.”

“It’s not enough to just spot problems, you need to program workflows to solve them.”

“Engineering leaders are lonely. It’s a very lonely job.”

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