Quantifying ROI for AI-Powered Email: How to Save 4+ Hours a Week | Andrew Johnston Part 1

Join Ryan for part 1 of his interview with Andrew Johnston, the head of sales at Superhuman, for an in-depth conversation about measuring the impact of AI products. Andrew discusses strategies for growing B2C and B2B businesses, highlighting the key factors that contribute to Superhuman’s success.

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  • Superhuman, designed as the fastest email experience, saves users around 4 hours per week and helps them respond 12 hours faster, offering a glimpse into how email would look if designed in 2024.
  • Superhuman’s B2C growth leverages PLG levers, while B2B uses a product-led sales motion, targeting power users within corporations to expand team adoption.
  • Transitioning from B2C to B2B requires adapting messaging, targeting different buyers, and meeting higher ROI expectations as the company moves upmarket.
  • Quantifying ROI involves comparing pre and post-adoption metrics, such as time savings, email volume, and response speed, to demonstrate productivity gains.
  • AI enhancement, like writing emails in the user’s voice, complements the core value proposition, with 15-25% user adoption of AI features.
  • Connecting productivity metrics to business outcomes, such as increased sales rep capacity and outbound activity, is crucial for resonating with decision-makers.


“Point blank Superhuman is the fastest email experience, or designed to be the fastest email experience in the world.”

“The way I like to think about it is if Gmail or Outlook were designed in 2024 versus 2005, how would that product look and what, what things would it have natively built in? And that is superhuman.”

“Bar none, I think the first thing is getting the tool right, right? So it has to provide value, productivity gains, and efficiency gains as it stands. And then AI is the enhancement on top of that.”

“We’re trying to correlate the metrics that matter to that sales leader with the things that we know are true and what we can provide based on the outputs that the tool has seen.”

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