Owning the AI Algorithm to Unlock Trillions with Dr Cindy Gordon CEO and Founder of SalesChoice Inc

Dr Cindy Gordon is the CEO and founder of SalesChoice, an AI solution for B2B sales. Cindy has over ten years experience of working with AI and is doing some incredible work around leveraging AI software to predict revenue. She joins Ryan to talk about the work they are doing right now, what we may see in the future and the human side of AI.


  • AI can have a place in behavioural insights, this is something Cindy is looking at and the many benefits it could have.
  • SalesChoice has an audit trail and attributions needed to understand the algorithm behind the AI they are using.
  • Driving value and building use cases that solve real business problems whilst remaining ethical is SalesChoice’s main vision.
  • AI should be an advantage for humans and humankind, SalesChoice is passionate about bringing more humanity to these tools and the business world.
  • The key to AI is not what is populated but that the right data has been entered in the first place.
  • The human side to AI is key, AI is created, operated and managed by humans, it is they who need to put the right checks and balances in place and we will see this happen via new laws.


“AI can play a very interesting role when it comes to coaching people”

“One of the hardest things in the world is bootstrapping a business”

“We care about you focusing on the best opportunities with the global knowledge of your company”

“You can unlock trillions of focused revenue enablement [with AI]”

“We need a lot more humanity in the business world”

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