Optimizing Hybrid Work Using AI with Alfredo Ramirez CEO at Vyopta

Ryan is joined by Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Viopta, a global leader in collaboration intelligence. Dive into the world of AI and discover how Viopta leverages cutting-edge technology to help over 40 million people collaborate better. Alfredo shares his insights on AI use cases, executing them efficiently, and the significant impact they can have on your start-up.

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  • Viopta, a B2B SaaS company, enables organizations to make hybrid work effective by focusing on collaborative work and addressing user experience issues in meetings.
  • AI-assisted solutions help scale internal resources, allowing teams to focus on more valuable, creative work while improving customer service and sales processes.
  • Generative AI has numerous applications in automating tasks, generating content, and providing valuable insights to scale a workforce efficiently.
  • When starting a new business, focusing on an area with prior experience and background is crucial for success.
  • Accelerating the sales process by reaching decision-makers and streamlining security approvals is a key challenge for B2B SaaS companies targeting large enterprises.
  • Upselling and cross-selling products to the existing customer base is an effective strategy for growth, especially in the current global economic climate.
  • Viopta’s space insights provide intelligence on meeting space usage, helping organizations optimize their office space and improve user experience and engagement in a hybrid work environment.
  • The future of work involves hiring the best people, regardless of their location, and leveraging technology to enable effective collaboration and engagement.


“We started seriously looking at how can we leverage AI in a much broader sense in our business to scale the resources are our people in our business.”

“AI is going to help in so many different ways. And so automating tasks is probably the low-hanging fruit that we can pursue today.”

“You have to start defining kind of what’s the values and the outcomes you want from this technology and focus on that.”

“Pursuing that opportunity to go establish new, helping to populate Mars or other planets or moons out in space, would be quite fascinating or travelling through space would be incredibly exciting.”

“There’s a bigger focus around delivering more value within our customer base. And there’s easily another 50 million that we can go after.”

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