OpenAI Omnimodel Announcement, Google Gemini/Agent Updates and New ChatGPT4o use cases

In this episode, Ryan gives more of his unique insights on the latest in the AI world. Ryan updates on a few of the new ChatGTP4 and ChatGRP4o features, the Omnimodel release and the Google Gemini AI integration.

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  • Some of the new voice updates for ChatGPT have changed the landscape for AI, paving the way for uniqueness and making things feel more personal.
  • ChatGPT can now do real-time translation in 40 languages, impacting Duolingo’s stock almost instantly.
  • They have made GPT4 available for free, but you will need to pay for chatGPT4o to access speed and more advanced capabilities.
  • Notebook LM is one of the new features where you can have customised data, based on your interests.
  • Googlelabs the testing centre, has fewer ‘guard rails’, allowing you to flexibly test various use cases.


There’s some things that they did not talk about at all that are absolutely amazing”

“All those capabilities are available for free now”

“You can pile a lot of data in there and have it customized based on your interests”

“VEO is text to video, the demos they showed are absolutely amazing”

Ryan Staley

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