Leveraging Relationships and AI to Build Relationships with ex Salesforce Employee and Start-Up Founder of Connect The Dots Drew Sechrist

Drew Sechrist is the founder and CEO of Connect the Dots, a network intelligent programme for finding the strongest connections in people and companies you want to reach. He joins Ryan to talk about his experiences working with Marc Benioff at Salesforce, including his role in taking the company from $0 to $10 Billion, as well as his insights into creating his own start-up in machine learning and AI.

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  • Connect the Dots construct a personalised graph for their clients based on every email you have ever sent in your life which can then be used to find warm leads for people who fit into your ideal customers.
  • After gaining significant experience in the — space, Drew read an article about Marc Benioff leaving Oracle to start his new venture, SalesForce. He wanted in.
  • One of the things Drew took from working closely with Marc is the speed he would work and implement at, this had a ripple effect across the organisation and is something Drew has mirrored in his business.
  • Drew also found that Marc was never phased by tough times or bad news, he would always look at opportunities and the upside to situations.
  • At the beginning of SalesForce, Drew and Marc focused on selling to smaller businesses this was due to the engagement they would get from them but also the higher conversion as they were more willing to take a risk with a new platform.
  • Relationships are incredibly important regardless of who and where you are selling. To be effective at selling, you have to be able to build and maintain relationships.
  • Before you build relationships somewhere, you can leverage the existing relationships you have to ‘get an in’ to people and places; you need to connect the dots. This is what gave Drew the concept for the application Connect the Dots.
  • It’s in your best interest as both an individual and a business to connect all your accounts using a platform such as Connect the Dots.


 “If you have speed across your organisation, that multiplies”

“There’s no such thing as bad news for Marc”

“The dot com bubble bursting made the company [salesforce]”

“Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you”

“You have to have and you have to develop good relationships to be a good salesperson”

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Email to skip the waitlist: drew@ctd.ai


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