Leveraging Referrals Alongside AI to Create Exponential Growth! with Muhammad Younas CEO and Cofounder of vFairs

Muhammad Younas is the CEO and founder of VFairs, a software for events business which he bootstrapped from zero to $30 million. Muhammad talks to Ryan about leveraging customer service, chat GBT and referrals to create both a premium for his product and exponential growth!


  • Word of mouth has always been at the forefront of vFairs marketing and growth strategy
  • Muhammad takes the hospitality side of events seriously, he has always recognised the importance of everything being perfect for his clients because even small things can’t go wrong at large events.
  • Muhammad and his team have a wealth of experience in creating and running events themselves which put them in the best place to create products that work for their clients
  • VFairs are powering event promotion and content through the power of AI. Muhammad states that the most important thing when using AI in your business is to constantly ensure it is the best solution for your customers.
  • The continued focus for vFairs is to offer services for businesses that are forward thinking and to anticipate their future needs.
  • Muhammad and his team are systemising word of mouth by always having the customer’s end goal in mind when creating their products.
  • Customer service and happiness are something vFairs prioritises, they overspend on their customer support but never pass this extra cost onto their customers, creating positive experiences that result in recommendations again and again.
  • VFairs clients see them as an extension of their own team, providing a service that helps them run their events in a whole host of different ways.
  • The VIP experience, customer support and unique services vFairs offers, allow them to charge a premium over many of their competitors.


“As much as it is a software business, it is also a hospitality business”

“One has to be a forward looking organisation to be able to do a virtual event”

“We overspend on our customer support and we do that happily”

“They see us as an extension of their team”

“I just want an acknowledgement from that customer that they love our service”

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