Learning AI Mastery Part 1 with Advait Shinde

Ryan is joined by Advait Shinde, chairman of Go Guardian, to talk about the future of AI for work and learning. They discuss how AI and machine learning in depth, Advait gives some tested AI frameworks for those trying to learn and master AI and also gives his thoughts on the future of AI in the workplace.

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  • Go Guardian enables students to learn and have access to better techniques to improve learning experiences.
  • Relating concepts in the context of things people already understand can help people learn and retain information
  • Whilst AI tools can aid learning in adults you can’t expect young children to be able to guide and give the necessary prompts needed.
  • A system needs an understanding of what stage of learning a student is at before beginning. One of the key ways to do that is to ask the students questions and identify the level of mastery from their answers.
  • A learning plan is just a sequence of skills that are required to meet an endpoint.
  • Large language models allow certain tasks to be completed much more efficiently, but they only can do this because of decades of thorough research by individuals and still require a lot of human input.
  • Advait believes AI skills will be essential for the future of work. He compares AI skills to internet skills 20 years ago, they were once brand new but now they are essential in any job.


The way that we learn is by understanding the relationships of concepts between each other and I think chatgpt does a great job”

“You can’t expect a young child to take the self-directed control over their learning”

“Being successful with LLMs requires you to drive that learning yourself”

“The system needs to understand what is the current state of the student, what is the starting point of this journey”

“As AI changes workflows, more or less every workflow will be AI-enabled or AI-assisted…everything we know and do will be affected by AI”


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