Is Outbound Dead? | Collin Mitchell

Ryan is joined by Collin Mitchell in this episode where he shares his top-tier perspective from helping companies deploy outbound at scale to drive explosive growth. Learn Collin’s step-by-step framework to go from cold connection to a sold deal on LinkedIn without coming across salesy. Discover targeting and research hacks to set your outreach apart in a noisy landscape. Collin also reveals his candid take on whether outbound is dead, the biggest mistakes killing results, standout examples of AI done right, and so much more.

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  • Outbound works if you zig when others zag with a personalized, multi-channel approach tailored to each prospect. Emails alone don’t cut it anymore.
  • Spend more time researching and segmenting your list for quality over quantity, 1000 well-targeted prospects can generate a huge impact vs blasting out mass emails.
  • Don’t pitch, nurture relationships by adding value, sparking curiosity and letting hot leads ask you for a meeting once interest is piqued.
  • Casual, short messaging performs best on LinkedIn, speak and sequence like a real human vs overly salesy and rushed.
  • AI excels at scale prospect research but still falls short of generating messages that sound truly authentic and personalized.
  • Inbound leads from your content who already know, like and trust you convert super warm despite lower volumes vs outbound.
  • Outbound lower barriers like accessible data and sales tech means more noise – but smart messaging and targeting sets you apart.
  • Pick up the phone and introduce a human voice and personality early in outreach cadences for best results.


“It’s not that outbound is dead, it’s just different.”

“Emails hard. It’s harder than it’s ever been…the dirty little secret [agencies] don’t want to tell people.”

“Take the opposite approach [of salesy LinkedIn messages]…casual, short messaging is what will work.”

“If you try to rush the [LinkedIn connection] process, it’s going to hurt you.”

“Those [inbound leads] are very warm…they already kind of know, like and trust you.”

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