Is ChatGPT 4’s Dominance Coming to an End? Claude 3 is Putting it to the Test!

In this episode, Ryan gives his thoughts on Claude 3 by anthropic and puts it to the test! He talks about many of the unique features of this update as well as the three use cases it’s best for. Ryan also discusses the possibility of it rivalling the current dominant powerhouse of AI, ChatGPT!

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  • Claude consistently performs very highly on acumen tasks.
  • Ryan tested Claude on grade school math, and it scored significantly higher than ChaGPT.
  • The third task Ryan tested on Claude was data analysis and it gave great answers that were accurate.
  • Do not put confidential information into Claude unless you have an enterprise or protected account.


Claude 3 highest level is significantly better than ChatGPT 4”

“Let’s test is on grade school math, Claude did a better job”

“I asked Claude are you better… and it was really funny what the response was”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss 

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