Invest 2 Hours and Get Back 30 with AI

Listen to this episode as Ryan shares how you can invest just 2 hours of your time for a 30-hour return! He challenges you when using AI to always ask if what you’re doing is a micros task or is it something that can be utilized and leveraged at a later time?

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  • The tool taskmagic allows you to upload video or audio and it creates content for you.
  • Some of the best content Ryan has, is conversations and discussions he has had with others, so he decided to utilise task magic.
  • Ryan intergrated prompts and use cases so he now has a one-click option for content creation.
  • Ryan is a big advocate for human in the loop, meaning having a human authenticate and sense check AI content after creation.


I have it preloaded with different use cases that I have so I can one button click and have that content created”

“The four areas of leverage are capital, code, people and content”

“I’m sharing this with you so when you’re looking at AI systems you can effectively do the same thing”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss 

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