Integrating AI into Every Day Business with AI Expert Alex Castro CEO and founder of M Corp

Alex Castro is the founder and CEO of M Corp. He is the creator of the REM score method and one of the best-selling authors in the AI space. Alex is uniquely placed to educate on AI having been in the space for over a decade and having a breadth of knowledge in Identifying how businesses can implement the world of AI. Alex talks to Ryan about how we can all utilise and integrate AI for use in day-to-day services and how we can push this further by using the web3 space and even creating NFTs.


  • M Corps go to market strategy is about the art of the possible. How they can enable companies that have data and AI strategies and allowing them to realise these visions.
  • M Corp is a services firm that has developed IP products and solutions in how to collect good quality data that you can then feed into an ai model to facilitate automation.
  • People fear that automation limits jobs but it in fact creates more demand from customers.
  • In the AI/Automation space, there is a new version being created every 48 hours, -vs- the typical 3-month period of other industries.
  • Having individuals use and utilise AI for certain tasks frees them to focus on more value-added activities including product development. It can also be used with quality data to show which products are worth spending time on as proven by M Corp with many of their clients.
  • What M Corp advocates for in AI, is to not buy projects anymore but instead buy an ‘engine’ and click it into what you already have and then an engineer managing that for you.
  • The best way to keep up with AI and its developments right now is to choose one of the companies with big infrastructure and apply and modify it for your own use.


“There’s a 12%-30% uptick in customer engagement when automation kicks in”

“Every 48 hours there is another version of AI being deployed”

“We don’t have any investors and we don’t have any debt”

“They began to dwindle down products that weren’t performing”

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